Who is Ryan Sitton?

Ryan Sitton is an inventor, engineer, entrepreneur and a public servant. Ryan and his wife Jennifer built their business, PinnacleART, from the ground up in 2006 and have grown it to more than 900 employees and revenue over $100 million. They are also very active philanthropists in their community.

Ryan was elected Texas Railroad Commissioner in 2014. The Railroad Commission has nothing to do with trains - it regulates the strong and vital energy development sector in the Lone Star State. Ryan is an energy expert and is the first engineer elected to the Commission in over 50 years, and brings his real-world leadership and expertise to every aspect of the agency's operations.

Ryan is also passionate about developing and mentoring leaders. His 2020 Vision tour on college campuses is focused on developing and inspiring Texas' future leaders.

Watch Ryan's Story

Ryan Sitton rose from humble beginnings to become a successful businessman and leader for Texas energy. In this video he tells his amazing story.

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